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  Face & Eyes
  Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions *
  The ultimate in lash enhancement for beautiful eyes! Individual extensions are applied to give thicker, longer , more exaggerated wow lashes that last upto 6 months. For a lasting result lashes must be infilled every 2 to 3 weeks.
  Full Set 90min £58.00  
  Half Set 60min £48.00  
  40min Infills 40min £25.00  
  Removals 30min £5.00  


  Party / Holiday Lashes - Clusters
  Make an impact with our stunning party lashes!
Small clusters of lashes are applied along with the lash line to give a heavily mascared, glamerous look.
Results last upto seven days so great for summer holidays or weekends away.
  Party Lash Clusters 30min £20.00  


  Party / Holiday Lashes - Individuals
  Beautiful, natural extensions that give the same look as semi permanents!
Invididual lashes are applied along the lash line & can be tailored in length & weight to give the exact effect you require.
Results last upto four days so are ideal for special occasions & weekends away.
  Party / Holiday Lashes 40min £25.00  

  Eyelash Perm *
  Provides lift & curl to the natural lash making eyes look larger & lashes dramatically more noticeable for up to eight weeks.
Recommended with eyelash tint for maximum effect.
  Eyelash Perm 60min £30.00  

  Eyelash Tint *
  A special dye is used to colour the lashes making them look longer, thicker and more noticeable for up to four weeks.
  Eyelash Tint 20min £11.50  

  EyebrowTint *
  A dye is applied to enhance the shape of the eyebrow and give extra definition to the eye area.
  Eyebrow Tint 15min £9.50  

  Eyebrow Shape *
  A professional eyebrow shape can make a dramatic difference to facial features giving both balance & definition.
  Eyebrow Tint 15min £9.00  

  *Allergy test must be received at least 24 hours prior to your first tinting, perming or extensions treatment at H2O


  Hair Removal
  A quick and easy method of hair removal leaving your skin beautifully smooth and hairless for up to four weeks.
Regular waxing treatments will reduce hair growth and strength resulting in finer, sparser hair.
  Half Leg 20min £15.00  
  3/4 Leg 25min £18.50  
  Full Leg 35min £23.00  
  Full / Fore Arm 25min £13.50  
  Top Lip 10min £7.50  
  Chin 10min £7.50  
  Lip & Chin 10min £9.50  
  Eyebrow 10min £9.50  
  Under Arm 10min £7.50  
  Bikini Line 10min £7.50  
  Extended Bikini Line 10min £9.50  

  Brazilian & Hollywood Wax
  Treatments are carried out in a private lockable room, paper underwear is worn throughout the treatment & we utilise a specially designed setting wax to minimise skin irritation.
  Brazilian (thong style wax) 25min £20.00
  Hollywood (full removal or strip) 45min £28.00

  Mens Waxing
  An effective treatment for the removal and long term reduction of unwated hair growth..
  Mens Back Wax 25min £21.00  
  Mens Chest Wax 30min £21.00  

  Ideal for the effective removal of unwanted facial hair, with a more gentle effect on skin than waxing.
  Eyebrows   10min £9.50
  Top Lip   10min £7.50
  Chin   10min £7.50
  Lip & Chin   15min £9.50
  Sides of Face / Jaw Line   15min £9.50


  Hand and Foot Care
  Thai Herbal Manicure or Pedicure
  An extensive treatment including nail shaping, herbal soak, cuticle conditioning, rough skin removal, massage and nail painting.
  Thai Herbal Manicure 60min £25.00  
  Thai Herbal Pedicure 60min £25.00  

  Mini Manicure or Pedicure
  Shaping and painting of the nails.
  Mini Manicure 30min £15.00  
  Mini Pedicure 30min £15.00  

  PEDICURE TIP: Bring your flip flops to wear home!


  Shellac 14 Day Gel Nails
  A revolutionary new hybrid varnish which combines the easy application of a standard nail polish with the lasting durability & shine of a gel. Shellac is ultra kind to natural nails & lasts 14 days without chipping, lifting or peeling!
  Full Shellac Manicure or Pedicure
  Nail shaping, cuticle conditioning, massage, rough skin removal, application of shellac 14 day gel, plus removal of previous product if required.
  Full Shellac Manicure 60min £33.50  
  Full Shellac Pedicure 60min £33.50  

  Mini Shellac Manicure or Pedicure
  Nail shaping, application of shellac 14 day gel, plus removal of previous product if required.
  Mini Shellac Manicure 45min £26.00  
  Mini Shellac Pedicure 45min £26.00  

  Shellac Removal
  To avoid damage to nails it is important that gel is professionally removed.
  Removal 15min £5.00  
  *or free of charge with any shellac re-application  

PLEASE NOTE - prices for removal apply only to product applied at H20 Beauty.
Please enquire for prices of other product removal.


  Body Therapy
  Massage with Aromatherapy
  Relax, Refresh and Revive tired acheing muscles with our range of aromatherapy massage treatments.
Body repair - warming and purifying, ideal for muscular aches.
Indulgence - calming and relaxing, great to reduce stress.
Spirt level - uplifting and revitalising, good for mental positivity.
Detox - stimulating and refreshing, good against cellulite.
  Full Body Massage (females only) 55min £38.00  
  Back & Neck Massage 25min £24.00  

  Hot Stone Massage
  The ultimate in relaxation therapy, aromatherapy oils and hot basalt stones are worked over the muscles melting through tension to restore balance and harmony to the body and mind.
  Full Body Massage (females only) 55min £45.00  
  Back & Neck Massage 25min £30.00  

  Indian Head Massage
  A healing and rebalancing treatment for both body and mind, excellent for the reduction of stress and the encouragement of general well being. The treatment is performed in a seated position and includes the upper back, scalp, face, neck and arms. Clothing may be left on if preferred and oil is also optional.
  Indian Head Massage 30min £20.00  
  Indian Head Massage 45min £25.00  

  Thai Body Scrub
  Exfoliating sea salts and natural fruit oils combine in this all over body treatment to leave skin silky smooth & glowing with health.
  Thai body scrub 25min £25.00  


  Slimming Treatments
  Universal Contour Wrap Classic
  The ultimate in figure refinement! At least a six inch loss guaranteed from your first wrap!
A truly remarkable and scientifically proven treatment that provides long lasting results. Universal Contour Wrap will take off inches, tighten and tone soft tissues, reduce cellulite, combat water retention and lift body contours.
  Full Body Wrap 2 hours £57.50  
  Half Body Wrap 1¾ hours £52.50  
  Course of Three Full Wraps   £160.00  

  SLIMMING SOLUTIONS: We also stock a range of effective slimming supplements. Ask your therapist for advice.

  Fake Tanning
  Sienna-X Spray Tan
  Get gorgeous sunkissed colour for upto 10 days with our selection of sienna-x spray tans. Exotically scented and available in light, medium or dark shades to compliment any skin type.
  Sienna-X Full Body Spray Tan 20min £25.00  
  Sienna-X Half Body Spray Tan 20min £17.50  

  Body Exfoliation
  A fast and effective stand up exfoliation which prepares the skin for a long lasting spray tan result. Ideal for walk ins and when a salon exfoliation is preferred.
  Full Body Exfoliation 10min £5.00  

  TANNING TIPS: Make sure you exfoliate thoroughly before your tan. Remove all makeup and deodrant. Do not mosturize face or body. Ensure any waxing or shaving is done at least 24 hours prior to tan and bring loose dark clothes to wear home.


  Facial Therapy
  Dermalogica Skincare System "It simply works"
  The Result of years of scientific studies each formulation contains only the finest, most advanced ingredients available to deliver outstanding results in salon and at home.

  Express Facial
  This ideal 'pick me up' for your skin includes customised cleanse, tone and moisturise, exfoliation, double layer mask and eye & lip treatment gel.
  Express Facial 40min £24.00  

  Prescriptive Facial
  An effective, versatile & wonderfully relaxing treatment. Each facial is tailored to suit and correct your individual skin type whilst targeting any specific areas of concern.
  Prescriptive Facial With Massage 55min £34.00  

  SOS Recovery Facial
  This anti inflammatory soothing & healing facial uses anti-ozonate complex, calming botanicals and oat extract to reduce redness and desensitise irritated skin.
  SOS Facial With Massage 55min £34.00  

  Multi Vit Regeneration Facial
  This nourishing regenerating and anti-ageing facial uses concentrated vitamin exfoliants to resurface the skin plus boost elasticity and tone.
  Multi Vit Facial With Massage 55min £34.00  

  A.H.A. Skin Renewal Facial
  A highly effective facial with alpha hydroxy acids and active fruit enzymes to decongest and renew the skins surface providing clearer, smoother skin.
  AHA Facial With Massage 55min £34.00  

  Medi - Bac Clearing Facial
  A Purifying, anti-inflammatory and healing facial which is excellent in the treatment of acne. Zinc triplex & refining charcoal combine with medicated gels to regulate oil production and normalize skin.
  Medi Bac Facial With Massage 55min £34.00  

  Super Resurfacer 35 Facial
  Our most powerful skin resurfacing agent combined with rebalancing and hydrating ingredients provides our most effective skin renewal treatment.
  Resurfacer 35 Facial With Massage 55min £34.00  

  Book a course of four facials at £136 and receive 50ml Dermalogica cleanser & toner FREE!