Non Surgical Lipo



A combination of Ultrasound and Radio Frequency is used to break down fat cells plus tighten and smooth the skin.

A fantastic treatment for those “hard to shift” areas, such as:

– Tummy
– Bottom
– Thighs
– Upper Arms

Each session is a 45 minute treatment and 1 session will give you instant results, however for the best results a course of 6-12 sessions is highly recommended.

Using the Lipo Angel workstation fat is quickly and painlessly broken down, the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks are improved and the skin is lifted and more toned.

Safe, painless, with instant effects & lasting results.


Ultrasound Cavitation

A low frequency ultrasound is used to create shock waves that selectively damage the membranes of fat cells below the skin. The liquid fat that is spilt is carried by the lymphatic system to the liver and is naturally metabolised. It has been scientifically proven that after a cavitation session, excess liquid and lymphatic toxins are drained from the body through the urinary system.


Radio Frequency

Following ultrasound we then use Radio Frequency to help tighten the skin by stimulating collagen cells, plus further improve the movement of fatty acids into the lymphatic system. This treatment provides a real improvement in the firmness and appearence of the skin.
Radio Frequency can also be used as a stand alone treatment where skin tightening only is required.

Clients can loose upto two inches in just 45 minutes of combined treatment. There is no recovery time & no discomfort, infact it is a relaxing and rejuvinating treatment.


Lipo Cavitation & Radio Frequency Combined


Single Session  £65.00

Course of six  £375.00

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Alone


Single Session  £65.00

Course of Six  £375.00


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it painful or uncomfortable?

Not at all, a slight ringing in the ears may be experienced during ultrasound treatxment, then this is replaced by a sensation of warmth during the radio frequency treatment.

How long will the inch loss last?

The released fats are metabolised & expelled via your liver & kidneys so the results are permanent provided you do not overeat.

How soon can I see results?

Most clients see a noticeable reduction after their very first treatment, on average 2 inches lost. The process of fat removal continues for 7 days so it isn’t unusual to see a further loss.

Do I need to exercise?

Yes, it is important to exercise & raise the heart rate for period after each treatment, this helps to metabolise & burn off the released fats.

We have a gym & exercise classes & a flabellos vibration plate available on site, your therapist can advise on a suitable plan for you.

Is there any preparation or aftercare requirements?

Yes, three days prior to treatment & during your course you must up your intake of water to 1litre per day to assist the elimination process.
Alcohol, caffeine, high fat & high carbohydrate or salty foods should be avoided so your liver is free to concentrate on metabolising the released fats.
Do not binge eat or fast prior to your sessions as this can effect the body’s ability to metabolise fat.

How may treatments can I have?

Up to 12 sessions may be received in one treatment course at a maximum of two evenly spaced treatments per week, a four week rest is then required before receiving additional treatment.

Are there any side effects?

You may need to urinate more frequently & you may feel a burst of restlessness after treatment due the fat/energy that has been released into your system. There may be some reddening of the skin which will subside within 24 hours.

Is it suitable for everyone?

No, some conditions may mean you are unsuitable for treatment –
Pregnancy & the three months following, whilst Breast feeding or in the 6 months following Caesarian section, Heart condition, Pacemaker, Metal implant (except contraceptive coil) Cancer, Thyroid disease or other Hormonal disorder, Liver disease or any medication that effects liver function, Thrombosis or Varicose veins, Poor blood or lymph circulation, Epilepsy or Diabetes, Fever, Alcohol or drug abuse, HIV or Aids, High cholesterol level, Broken bones, Swollen joints, Skin disorders or bruising in the treatment area, or treatment of the tummy area during menstruation.
If are taking any regular medications or you have a history of cancer we may need a doctors clearance prior to treatment.